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Monitor the online conversation

Nowadays the common user of the internet is able to influence and form an aspect about your brand online. It is good for your company and your brand to know what is being said online about, by the common users or customers. With the tools that are available online at this time, the growth of the social networks and blogs, it is really easy for anyone to publish information about your brand. You have to stay tuned to what is being said online by monitoring the online conversations.

In order to stay tuned to the conversations online, you have to use an online reputation monitoring system to alert you about your company’s and brand’s mentions on the cyberspace. This kind of tools are available online paid or free.

By monitoring what is being said online you would also be able to know how to improve your products or services by gaining a huge amount of information as a feedback. Also monitoring tools gathers information about the completion, your industry news and other useful information you need to be competitive and boost your products and services.

Analyze the mentions of your brand

We analyze the current situation of your brand online, by gathering the mentions from the online conversation. We categorize the mentions by their quality, the number of the backlinks of the post and the influence to the other parts of conversation. We also categorize the mentions by the influencers (people that influence the crowd) and the marketing channels that were founded.

By defining the influencers and analyzing the greater value that they provide to the conversation, there is a potential to improve their activity for your own good through managing the relationship with that user. In this way, we urge people that have the will power to talk about your brand to turn it into your benefit.

Influence your brands’ mentions by participating

We influence the mentions about your brand online, by involving the conversation. After analyzing the channels that the online conversation is taking place, like blogs, forums, consumer complaints sites, social networking sites we take an active part and we creatively guide the conversation to your benefit.